Jul 12, 2009

A blog to read

I'm still thinking up a few medical device related posts, until I do, read Seth Godin's Blog in the meantime and apply it to your company. I spent the better part of my online time during the last two days doing just that, I'm apparently behind the curve because he has been popular for a while now.

He is big on maximizing presentations and has several rules for doing this with PowerPoint. He is a marketing guy- I'm not sure if these can be worked in so well with engineering presentations, however some of his general points still apply. If you're giving a presentation, you're selling something, make it count. We have several regular meetings that we spend the better part of an afternoon talking about first pass yield, output, etc. Unfortunately I've decided that in too many of my presentations during these I'm only selling the fact that "I'm doing a good job" and I should instead use the time to drive towards solutions I want.

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Donna said...

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