Mar 15, 2009

Medical Device Grants Available

The 2009 Recovery Act includes $200 million in grant funding for medical device ideas, see the RFA.

Hat tip: Medical Devices Blog.

Pictured: IV bag with a neck strap, is your idea better?


Sergio Flores said...

Dear friends:
I didn't know where to write a question, so here I go. I run a sterilization supplies company in Peru, and we are having two problems. Firts is the local requirement to use medical grade paper of 70 gsm (instead of 60) in our paper plastic sterilization pouches. Second is the lack of studies that compare the usage of paper plastic pouches vs. reels. Maybe you can help me out with some information or international studies about grammage or the cited comparison.
Thanks in advance,
Sergio Flores.

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Cetatzeanul said...

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Arpita Rathi said...
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