Dec 27, 2008

Medical Device Web News

Some medical device related news that caught my interest:

Nelson Laboratories to add 350 jobs- We use Nelson and have no complaints, I'm glad to see they're doing well. We also use pretty much everyone else though, it just depends on who is most responsive and seems like they can get the job done. I'm always glad to see anecdotal confirmation that the industry is not majorly affected by economic downturns. Although I would think device development may be, just because there would be less startups.

Top 10 medical device hazards of 2008
- Its probably about the same every year, it is not like we've solved "Ineffective Alarms" lately. There hasn't been much movement on that front since blinking lights and a noise. The article is still interesting from a risk analysis standpoint.

Miraculous facial tumor surgery
- With picture, Wow!

Best practices for part numbering
- Keep it short and numerical for future barcode implementation is a good tip. Eventually it is going to get all screwed up (and this is actually a good thing, it means your company is growing and one person can't manage it all), having a good system at the start might give you an extra year or two before it does.

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