Jul 12, 2008

Medical device links

FuturePundit is one of my other favorite blogs, check out this post on Resveratrol and this one on an implanted device that tells you when you're full.

FDA CDRH may tell you about your 510(k) and PMA submission problems as they find them.

Stent startups are still popular among VCs. Why stents? There are a million stent companies out there.

Medical device industry, all boom, no bust.

University of Minnesota opens a medical device center, trying to keep Minneapolis/St. Paul as the place to be for cardiology devices.

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walkert said...

Thank you for sharing this link: http://www.areadevelopment.com/industryReport/apr08/medicalDevicesIndustryClusters.shtml

Great write up on the state of the industry. It is now one of my bookmarks - appreciate the knowledge share.