Mar 23, 2008

Moved the company

We moved our happy medical device company down the road and I've been spending my time working on projects related to moving. Thrilling stuff, like changing the address on labeling and other documentation, not to mention tracking down various missing items. The cleanroom was moved and the floor done, electricity hooked up, next the whole cleanroom will be scrubbed, the filters turned on and all the furniture will be cleaned and moved in. Then it will be given a few days before its certified and the bioburden checked.

Once that is done we can get started doing installation qualifications (IQ) on the manufacturing equipment. After that we are planning on redoing any validation that involves a manufacturing procedure, but not revalidating things that involve material properties for example. Since the validations require sterile product made at the new facility, away we go. I've written enough validations the past six months I think I could work them up in my sleep. It actually feels like running in place and I think company morale is low due to lack of cash bonuses.

I have a few other projects I work on when I have time, but it is going to take a while to get back to normal after the move. I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be moving a mid-sized or larger company. Although overall it is a good thing as it means the company is doing well enough to expand and grow.

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