Jan 21, 2008

I am web published!

Medical device blogger addresses technical questions

The picture looked less geeky when I picked it out.

Our packaging design went fairly smoothly and was validated. There are couple cosmetic problems related to workmanship that need ironed out, and a few tweaks to the packaging could help that, but nothing serious. Of course, I blamed all of the problems on manufacturing not following the drawing precisely and QA for not inspecting correctly. Just kidding, I'll make the changes when I have time.

Anyway, I spent about 6 hours editing a software requirements document today and will spend about 6 more hours tomorrow because we thought it would be a good idea to let the software guy rewrite and make pretty the requirements before we submitted to the FDA. Instead of taking the already released document and editing it, he made a brand new one, and I get to reconcile the old with the new, both of which are missing major components. The joys.

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MMMM said...

hi, glad you have been published. I am new in this industry and have found your blog informative. I am trying to seal 4 x 6 3 mil ploy bags and currently having some problems. The sealer that we have is a AIE 310FDA impluse sealer that can handle up to 20 mil. The problem we have seen is either the seal is too week or melts when the sealing time is turned up. It is hard to regulate and get consitant seals. I just think this too much sealer for these bags. I like the looks of the Bocsh Dough Boy. Do you have any thoughts or advice to help? Thanks, Mike