Dec 12, 2007

Who reads medical device blogs?

Not very many people read medical device blogs, but the ranking of countries by number of visitors that read this blog is somewhat interesting:


Leo said...

India as 2nd in ur list comes no surprise to me ! am a regular in ur blog from India. thnx

Srihari Yamanoor said...

I read your blog often, and I try to read other medical device blogs as well. I use the cluster maps to check and see where users are coming from, and it is mostly qualitative, but tells me who's looking into what.

Most of my hits come through searches (and some from your blog, thanks for the link). So I track what the searches are being done for as well.

The reason why most people don't read "user-generated", ie., blogs written by engineers is perplexing. People seem to want to spend more time reading whitewashed "blogs" that are nothing more than re-hashes of news articles..maybe medical device blogging is yet to matur!