Aug 30, 2007

Obesity and medical devices

Advanced Medical Technologies has a nice post on obesity drug and medical device market predicting impressive growth, particularly in bariatric surgery. I've also thought this area will expand significantly in the future after seeing many articles similar to this, linking the surgery to improved patient condition, general acceptance of the procedure as less risky than it used to be, as Medpundit covered, increased coverage by Medicare and insurance companies.

While straight bariatric surgery options may provide better results, the medical device option has the advantage of being reversible. The other main device competitor is drugs, a device really does not want to compete with a pill, it'll lose every time- but in this case drugs haven't made any headway despite many attempts.

The band would be a type of medical device that requires extensive biocompatibility testing, you don't want to develop an allergic reaction to something implanted in your body.


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Diabetes is a real problem. Obesity is mentioned almost daily in the media. Still when we get type 2 diabetes and have to depend on blood glucose monitoring devices, we still have inaccurate measurements.

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