Aug 2, 2007

Full speed ahead

It is full speed ahead here, after a considerable amount of trouble the validation load is scheduled to be sterilized in about two weeks. Our company has only done gamma sterilization in the past, but this product requires ethylene oxide. So we get to learn a whole new world that we could happily ignore in the past. I never realized how great we had it with just gamma sterilized product.

Our original sterilizer, Steris, who we've been working with since at least January, completely dropped the ball. We were scheduled to sterilize with them in early to mid August, then about one weeks ago the rep says she can't write the protocol until the end of August because she is going on vacation and no one else is available to do it. This despite the fact that two weeks ago she was still confirming the early to mid August time frame for the actual sterilization. The customer service from them has been spotty all along and I should have paid more attention to it.

Luckily, the other big contract sterilizer, Sterigenics, is hitting it out of the park, a protocol in one week, reps who return calls the same day or the next at the latest, its a big breath of fresh air and the whole company is happier about the situation. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it, but small companies sometimes do have a hard time finding vendors that are interested enough to provide great customer service and we get excited when someone is on the ball.

UPDATE: Sterigenics has contacted me and are working to make sure things improve.


Carl and Alden May said...

For small lot sterilization you should consider Andersen Products (

Fast turnaround, competitve prices, and strong validation and regulatory support.

Jon said...

I agree with carl and alden may. I've worked with Andersen Scientific (the sterilization provider of Andersen Products - Turnaround, costs, and capabilities has been wonderful for a start-up.

John said...

Full-Disclosure - I work for Ethox STS. We also work closely with small lot customers.

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