Jul 17, 2007

Project Management fun

Creo Quality's company is in about the stage my company is in:

It turns out that some of the disposable parts are not quite right. Tooling changes have been made, new, first articles were inspected, and more modifications are needed. Other disposable parts have been hard to acquire in a timely manner. Hardware testing has hit more snags. Hardware components require possible substitution. Others have ridiculous lead times. Critical project resources are torn between testing, further development, and other demands.

On my project someone (not me I promise) decided to add a component to the disposable design about one month before validation sterilization. It adds to the excitement, manufacturing is ready to kill though. The old revisions can be used for some testing if noted and justified, but not all testing, I managed to sort out what could be used for what, but thankfully it is not my job to now keep track of what IS what. That is left to QA/QC.

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Jon said...

Don't you love it? Changes are made at the last minute and yet the schedule must remain unchanged. My favorite line has been: "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about . . ."