May 12, 2007

New FDA Bill S1082

Fey Accompli reports:

Ugh. The Senate passed a bill yesterday to give the FDA “bigger teeth.” A 93 to 1 vote shows our legislator’s deep commitment to making sure people never assess their own risks as related to health, and leaving millions of people suffer and die with ailments that could be soothed or cured with new drugs.

The FDA needs to be focused on approving more and more lifesaving, painkilling, quality-of-life-improving drugs instead of strutting about like Inquisitors burning the Big Bad Drug Companies at the stake.

This is the push back due to Vioxx (politicians must be seen as doing something), the bill doesn't sound too bad, it seems to be completely focused on drugs too, although I think the FDA already has adequate powers to do what it needs to do.