Jan 19, 2005


I originally envisioned this blog commenting on news about medical devices as I ran across it. There is a problem though, in that medical devices don't usually make the news. You might find some stent news or huge product recalls from time to time, but unless you specifically seek out medical device news, you do not find much.

I did a google search for medical devices and it turned out surprising relevant, the first one:


Anyone working in the field, or looking into working in the field, should be familiar with this and MD&DI as they are the trade show everyone must go to and look around or present. I ended up not going to MD&M West this year because I wasn't too thrilled about the schedule I'd have to keep to make it and our company is on a saving money kick and someone else from the company was already going.

The third link:


embarrassingly enough, I think this is only about the third time I've looked at the FDA web pages. The other times was looking up 510ks of other products.